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What is investing for people?

Whether you follow an index or set out your own course, investing is still investing. Many sustainable funds have been performing really well in recent years and delivering better returns than saving. This of course offers no security for the future. But you do know that your money is helping something you find important to grow. If you want to invest in a way that’s human, here’s a few rules of thumb to help you.

1 Invest in things that exist
A simple rule: invest in things that really exist and add value. That you understand and find important. Rather than abstract financial products.

2 Don’t let yourself be put off by investor gobbledygook/
It’s in the interests of investment experts to make the world of investing more complex than it need be. Anyone can understand investing. And we’re only too happy to make it simple.

3 Do listen to your emotions
Switch off your emotions: that’s the standard investment advice. But sometimes emotions offer good counsel. People aren’t machines. We have values, ideals and dreams that can steer your investment choices. Invest in what you find important. And make that a success. 

4 Learn to value your own common sense
To get a good return, you often don’t need complicated mathematcial models. By investing in sustainable funds, you limit the risks and ensure lasting value. That’s not just idealistic. It’s also using your common sense.

Want to learn more?
You can find more information on starting as a sustainable investor on our site.